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    1. Outeck New Construction

      With headquarters located in Suzhou Wujiang High-tech PioneerPark  (national  level),  Jiangsu  Outeck  New  ConstructionEngineering Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2013. Relyingon Suzhou iBest Low-carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd., theCompany is always focusing on research and application foronline  energy  consumption  monitoring  and  analysis,energy-saving transformation, air source heat pump and sewagesource heat pump of large-scale public buildings.

      The Company first puts forward the concept of building life cycleenergy system management, forms a full business chain modefrom  green  building  certification  to  dynamic  energy consumption monitoring to energy use equipment operationoptimization to low-carbon energy system supply, and providescomprehensive technological and consulting services forcustomers.

      Filing by Technical Energy-saving Service Company of NDRC

      Wujiang innovation and entrepreneurship leading enterprise

      Suzhou “Gu Su” talent

      Jiangsu innovation and entrepreneurship talent leading enterprise

      New high-tech enterprise

      Certification by Dalian Energy-saving Service Company

      Certification by Suzhou Energy-saving Service Company

      At present, a series of problems on planning, design andoperation management for Chinese buildings (especiallylarge-scale  public  buildings)  cause  high  energyconsumption, huge fuel coal waste and more atmosphericpollution. Based on current situations of Chinese buildingenergy and many problems in building energy management,it is urgent to establish a building energy managementsystem with perfect functions and follow-up servicesguaranteed.

      The Company has established close cooperation with domesticand foreign universities from 2014, fully playing industry-university- research advantage, promoting scientific research byindustry and supporting industry development by scientificresearch. Service targets include government agencies, hotels,hospitals, higher education institutions, etc. and now has

      extended to industrial enterprises.

      The Company has 6 patents with proprietary intellectual propertyrights, including 3 invention patents and 3 utility modelpatents.The Company independently researches and developsdata acquisition equipment, intelligent building energy systemcontrol equipment as well as energy measurement equipment;meanwhile,  the  Company  has  professional  contractingqualification on intelligent engineering of building and canrealize professional, scientific and comprehensive one packageservice for auxiliary construction of product.

      With the operation philosophy of innovation, practicability andsharing, the Company will always devote itself to creatinglong-term value for customers and cooperative partners byadvanced  technologies  and  making  contributions  toenergy-saving and emission reduction in China.

      Copyright:Jiangsu Outeck ElectronicsIndustry Group

      Technical support:RBWL
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