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    1. Olin (Suzhou) Filtration System

      As a professional air filtration system R & D and production enterprise,Olin (Suzhou) Filtration System Co., Ltd. manufactures variouspurification and filtration products mainly used in fields such assemiconductor, nuclear industry, photoelectricity, medicine, food,biological application, mechano-electronics, industrial coating andautomobile manufacture. The Company will make unremitting effortsfor purifying environment, improving air quality, saving energyconsumption and reducing product defective rate.

      The Company has the most advanced full-automatic filterproduction lines and filter production equipment such as mixedglue-pouring machine and full-automatic glue-dispensing machine.

      In addition, the Company uses dust-free purification workshop asproduction environment, process control as core and test data ofhigh-efficiency filter test equipment composed of particle counter totest finished products so as to ensure ex-factory pass rate. TheCompany  has  various  products:  High-efficiency  air  filter,medium-efficiency air filter, primary-efficiency filter, filtering material,activated carbon filter, bag-type filter, plate-type filter, box-type filter,sealed liquid chamfer filter, high temperature-resistant filter,cleanable filter, chemical filter, folding-type filter. All these productscan basically meet customers demands and non-standard productscan be customized upon the specific request of customers.

      Through many years of development, the Company servescustomers with high quality products. The Company’s long-termcustomers (such as Kanion Pharmaceutical Group, XiuzhengPharmaceutical  Group,  ATC  Group  and  Japan  ShimizuCorporation) all give affirmation to the product quality andsupporting services. As air pollution problems are getting worseand worse nowadays, we attach great importance to air quality.

      In the future, household air purifier and vehicle-mounted airpurifier will be necessary for human beings in their life. Therefore,air filter products will have a broad developmental prospect. Atpresent, we actively seeks economic and trade cooperationboth at home and abroad, and gradually enters internationalmarket  with  good  services,  high  quality  products  andpreponderant market competition prices.

      Copyright:Jiangsu Outeck ElectronicsIndustry Group

      Technical support:RBWL
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