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      The main application field of the world emerging materials color steel plate

      Author: Comefrom: Date:2017-10-19 16:10:23 Hits:1

      In today's world of emerging materials choi steel with the progress of science and technology, environmental consciousness enhancement, the improvement of people's living standards, more and more shows strong vitality and broad market prospect, by construction, home appliance, mechanical and electrical, transportation, interior decoration, office appliances and other industries.

      The color steel plate has the advantages of light quality, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, etc. It is a high installation speed for the integration of architecture and decoration.

      The market use of color plate is mainly divided into three parts, such as construction, home appliance and transportation, with the largest proportion of construction, the second of the home and electric industry, and only a small proportion of the transportation industry. Choi steel building general with hot dip galvanized steel plate and aluminium zinc steel plate heat as the substrate, mainly processed into corrugated board or with polyurethane composite sandwich board, used to build steel structure factory building, airports, warehouses, the roof of the freezer and other industrial and commercial buildings, walls, doors. The household appliance color plate plate is usually galvanized and cold plate, which is used for making refrigerator and large air conditioning system, refrigerator, bread machine, furniture and so on. In the transportation industry, it is usually galvanized and cold plate, mainly used for oil sump, automobile interior trim, etc.

      The quality of materials, environmental protection, pollution-free, cheap, convenient, quick, beautiful, etc., all of them are well received by users, and its future will be bright.

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