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      How to achieve the cleanliness of workshop works

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      Purification workshop project in order to get a good clean effect, should not only focus on the reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also the requirements process, construction and other professional to take corresponding measures, not only should have reasonable design, but also elaborate the compliance of construction installation, as well as the correct use of clean room maintenance and scientific management. In order to make the clean room have good effect, there have been many literatures from different angles. In fact, it is difficult for different majors to cooperate ideally, and it is difficult for designers to grasp the quality of construction installation and use and management, especially the latter. In the case of clean room purification measures, many designers, or the construction workers, often fail to attach sufficient importance to the necessary conditions, resulting in a less clean effect. In this paper, the four necessary conditions of cleanliness requirement in clean room purification are briefly discussed.

      Ii. Air flow organization:

      Air purification workshop project organization and the general air conditioning room is different, it requires that will be the cleanest air in the first place to operation part, its role is to limit and reduce the pollution of the processed material. For this reason, these principles should be taken into account in designing airflow tissues: minimize eddy currents and avoid bringing pollution outside the work area into the workspace; Try to prevent the dust from secondary flying to reduce the dust pollution opportunities to the workpiece; The airflow in the working area should be as uniform as possible, and the wind speed should meet the process and hygiene requirements. When the air flow to the back of the air flow, the dust in the air can be carried away effectively. According to different cleanliness requirements, choose different ways of sending and returning wind.

      Air supply:

      The key is the performance and installation of the final filter of the purification system to ensure the cleanliness of the air supply.

      The filter system of the purification system usually adopts high efficiency filter or sub-high efficiency filter. Here each cleanliness level seems to have two types of filters to choose from, choose high performance and low performance, depends on the specific situation: when the environment pollution is serious, or indoor exhaust air ratio is large, or the cleanroom is particularly important, need bigger safety coefficient, in one of those or circumstances, to choose high class of filter; Conversely, you can choose a lower performance filter. For the cleanroom controlled by 0.1 mu m particle, the d-type filter should be selected regardless of the concentration of particles under control. The above mentioned only from the filter point of view, actually choose the good filter to consider the clean room characteristics, the filter characteristics and the purification system.

      To ensure the cleanliness of the air supply, only the qualified filter is not enough, but also guarantee.

      A. the transport and installation process shall not damage the filter;

      B. The installation is tight.

      To do the first a, insist on the construction installation personnel trained, should not only have installed purification system, and a skilled installation skills, it would be difficult to ensure that no damage to the filter, this is a profound lesson. Secondly, problem of installation of rigor, depending on the installation structure, design manual, general recommendation: for a single filter adopt with the pattern, so even if leakage occurs, also does not leak to the indoor; It is easy to ensure the high efficiency of air supply. For the wind of multiple filters, liquid tank seal and negative pressure seal have been used in recent years. The liquid groove seal must ensure that the groove joints and the whole frame are at the same level. The negative pressure seal is the negative pressure condition that causes the filter to be connected with the static pressure box and the frame, which is the same as the light type. Even the leakage can not leak into the room. In fact, as long as the installation frame is smooth, the end face of the filter is in contact with the installation frame, and any installation of the filter to achieve the installation of strict requirements should be said to be not difficult.

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