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      Clean door characteristics

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      Clean the door

      1. The double side adopts 3mm American fumimian resin plate, the overall thickness of 50mm, honeycomb and other insulation materials sandwich; The plate has high overall flatness, good strength and acid and alkali corrosion.

      2. Aluminum alloy door frame, door panel and wall board are smooth, easy to clean, easy to clean;

      3. Numerical control cutting, edge leveling precision; The window of the door is the arc window, double-sided glass, and the door plate is smooth connect. Hollow keel, built-in desiccant. Glazing around glass, beautiful and generous;

      4. Concealed clean hinge, high degree of solidity, no dust, easy to clean;

      5. The surrounding silicone rubber strip, the door bottom automatic pressure sealing strip;

      6. Stainless steel locks and axles are available;

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